A Message From The CEO

Welcome to Raven

Dan RykhusThank you for visiting Raven Industries’ website. I am Dan Rykhus, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Raven is comprised of three distinct business units, yet we are one unified and integrated company. Those qualities helped bring us to where we are today and will guide us in the future. We maintain a cohesion and unity at all levels by sharing a common purpose and core values. Our purpose, to solve great challenges, is what we aspire to do in a broad, enduring sense. This purpose has been evident since the start of our company when our founders set out to design and build high altitude research solutions for the emerging challenges of understanding space and our universe.

Our Values

  • The values we share are rooted in what actually goes on at Raven day to day.
  • We achieve performance with integrity. We are honest, reliable and trustworthy.
  • We treat each other and our partners with dignity and respect while ensuring a safe workplace.
  • Our team members are valued as individuals and are challenged to grow and perform at their peak.
  • Our customers and suppliers are considered business partners and treated that way.
  • We are competitive and aim to win.
  • We support diversity, team member involvement, bold ideas, and a climate of inclusiveness.
  • Our financial health ensures the viability and growth of the organization and team member development.

Our Business Model

The Raven business model is our platform for success and defines our strategy. Our business model is defensible, sustainable, and gives us an opportunity for strong financial returns.

  • Raven is a growth-minded company, serving diverse markets with strong growth prospects.
  • A common purpose to solve great challenges unifies Raven’s three diverse divisions. Providing solutions for key markets provides balance, opportunity, and risk-mitigation to the organization.
  • We make corporate responsibility a top priority. Raven invests in our team members, our communities, and technology that can improve the world.
  • We invest in market-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities, encouraging continued advancements in each market we serve.
  • Our strong history of quality and innovation, along with our dedication to research and development, demonstrates our commitment to investing in the future.
  • Although comprised of three distinct operating divisions, each with unique customers, products and markets served, we work together as One Raven.

It’s our strategy to aggressively compete on quality, service, innovation, and peak performance.

  • Exceptional quality is built into each product at Raven. Our focus on quality connects us to our customers, ensuring growth and retention.
  • Thoughtful innovation fuels long-term organic growth within each division at Raven. As we collaborate on new ideas, our company, team members, and customers are propelled forward.
  • Service emanates from how we serve one another, our partners, our customers, and our communities.
  • Peak performance is our commitment to prepare ourselves as individuals, as well as a corporation, to be our best.

Investing in Sustained Growth

We constantly evaluate our businesses for their growth and profit potential. Our aim is to optimize our core businesses and to reduce our investments in areas no longer deemed a strategic fit.

We have identified three emerging growth opportunities for which we are uniquely configured to gain share and grow profitably:

  • Precision Agriculture: Raven is dedicated to delivering groundbreaking new ideas and precision ag products to growers around the world that improve agricultural efficiency, productivity, and stewardship of the land. This combination of products and services improves productivity, efficiency, and decision-making while reducing costs.
  • Situational Surveillance and Communication: Raven is dedicated to delivering highly innovative and ground-breaking technology for critical missions that protect and connect the world. Raven Aerostar is a world leader in the design and manufacture of aerospace platforms, surveillance technology, and specialty sewn products.
  • High-Performance Engineered Films: A greater awareness of environmental protection and sustainability are driving our development of high-performance films. Advanced applications include moisture barriers to protect agricultural feedstocks, pit-liners for energy exploration and municipal waterways, form-fitting reinforced industrial wrap, and many others.

Applying technology to address the great challenges of today in these markets provides strong growth potential for the corporation.

Putting it into Practice

What does this mean to our important constituencies: our team members, our customers, our communities, and our shareholders?

For our team members, we take pride in what we do and have the opportunity to grow in our jobs. We care about our team members’ health and well-being by providing a safe work environment and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Above all we aim to:

  • Be fair and honest with team members
  • Provide them with meaningful, challenging work
  • Inspire and equip each team member to perform at their peak

For our customers, we deliver product value and outstanding customer service. Customers can count on us to deliver on our promises.

For our communities, we are a good corporate citizen, whether supporting local causes or reaching out to places in need. We do the right things in terms of health and safety, and we support the communities with our time, money, and leadership. Raven strives to be known as a socially responsible corporation.

For our shareholders, we are a company that lives up to its commitments and outperforms the competition and the market over the long run. Our shareholders expect us to make sound, sustainable financial decisions and to never forget to treat their money as if it were our own—and that is what we do. Raven shareholders can trust our statements and the integrity of our financial reports.