Team Members

Great opportunity exists to improve our environmental impact through the daily behaviors and choices of our team members.


Dining at Raven

We don’t use Styrofoam or plastic serving ware. Instead, our kitchens and break rooms are stocked with glass cups, ceramic coffee mugs, durable plates, and actual flatware. Dish washers, too, are installed in common areas for team member use.

When it’s time to eat, we work almost exclusively with caterers who deliver food in paper or cardboard containers and who utilize reusable serving ware. After catered events, we make it a point to donate leftover food to local charities on a regular basis.


Paper Use & Recycling

We have made great strides in reducing the amount of paper Raven consumes through conversion to electronic files. In 2015, we used 56% less paper than we did in 2013 — and we plan to continue that trend. Team members are encouraged to review their processes and documentation for ways to eliminate paper waste in a meaningful way. The copy paper that we do use is sourced from sugar cane, making it ISO 14001 certified, and we make recycling a top priority.

Raven recycles more than just paper, too. Co-located, single-stream recycling bins are available throughout our facilities, from all team member desks to common areas and conference rooms. We ask the same of any community groups utilizing our space, and we require recycling at all events hosted on Raven property.


Green Transportation

It is our goal to create a paradigm shift for team members and customers so that not only will Raven generate less waste internally, but that these principles will be taken and applied at home, which will result in a much larger impact. To encourage decreased fuel consumption, our Corporate Headquarters has designated preferred parking spaces for carpooling and fuel efficient vehicles. We also offer secure, onsite storage for bike commuters.