Raven occupies over 870,000 square feet of building space, and our business operations have the potential to profoundly affect our environment.


LEED® Gold Certified

In 2011, the decision was made to renovate Raven’s Headquarters building to convert it to appealing and usable office space to attract top talent, keep talent, revitalize Downtown Sioux Falls, and improve the community. Early in the process, Raven chose to seek LEED® Gold Certification with the renovation. The design process focused heavily on sustainable building practices.

LEED Graphic updated 2016

  1. Our parking lot has designated preferred parking for carpooling and fuel efficient vehicles.
  2. We now consume a third less energy than we did prior to renovations.
  3. Our HVAC systems do not use CFC or Halon refrigerants.
  4. Our low-flow lav faucets and toilets equate to a 41% savings in water consumption.
  5. We have a “green” roof composed of living plants on our rooftop patio to provide water filtration, improve heat efficiency, and bolster team member enjoyment.
  6. During renovations, 98% of exterior walls and structural elements were left intact, saving resources and showcasing a treasured historic building.
  7. This site uses water tanks to collect rainwater for landscape irrigation.

As we continue to grow and expand, we will consciously plan and seek LEED® Certification on renovation and new construction projects. We will continue to be innovative in designing resource-conservation features into the architecture.


Energy Management

Reducing the amount of gas and electricity consumed through our operations is an area of opportunity for Raven. Careful consideration is given when purchasing new equipment or upgrading existing. In our offices, we have migrated to motion-sensing, energy efficient lighting and reconfigured offices and windows to allow a maximum of natural light to flow through. Our heating and cooling systems are also programmed to continually monitor and regulate energy consumption. With these intelligent control systems, we are able to provide individual zone control and repurpose excess heat.


Manufacturing Waste Reduction

The most significant impacts in the area of waste reduction come from our manufacturing operations.

In February of 2013, we incorporated a state-of-the-art plastic reclaim center into our engineered films manufacturing facility, which is projected to recycle over 80% of internal excess material generated from normal manufacturing startups, change-overs, and edge trim processes.

Reclaim Center

Our new system enables us to recycle and reuse the majority of these materials in-house, saving significant landfill capacity and allowing us complete control of an internal closed-loop system for reclaiming our excess materials.