Corporate Social Responsibility

Through our technology, products, and services, we help grow more food, produce more energy, protect our environment, and allow others to live safely. However, our purpose as an organization extends beyond creating these solutions — it defines our corporate behavior. We embrace the notion that we have a responsibility to give back to our team members, our customers, and our communities in order to improve this shared place we call the world.

We are committed to giving back, supporting our communities with time, energy, and resources in five key areas of impact:

  • Environmental Sustainability. We are committed to protecting Earth's resources through our operations and products to ensure a reliable and sustainable environment for future generations.
  • Corporate Philanthropy. We are committed to strengthening our communities, providing strategic investments to organizations who align with our business model and purpose.
  • Volunteerism. We are committed to giving back our time, empowering our team members to make significant impacts in areas that align with their interests.
  • Team Member Development and Training. We are committed to our team members, investing in their ongoing development and continuous improvement.
  • Business Purpose, Products and Services Delivered, and Markets Served. In seeking our organizational purpose, we continue to design and produce technology that leaves a positive impact on people around the world.

The Raven Impact report outlines our continued commitment and guides our future progress towards creating a positive and lasting impact on our surroundings through our daily operations, our ethical corporate conduct, and our ability to lead by example.

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