Responsible Practices

Raven has always been an organization that wins by making courageous decisions, doing the right thing, and pitching in on whatever needs to be done. We hold ourselves to high ethical standards, and we expect our business partners to do the same.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Raven is committed to doing business with the highest integrity, fairly, without discrimination or deception, and in a manner consistent with building and sustaining long-term business relationships. This Supplier Code of Conduct contains the expectations of Raven that the operations of our suppliers be ethical, lawful, and environmentally and socially responsible.

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Global Human Rights Policy

Raven is committed to conduct its business in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of all people, complying with applicable laws and regulations. Our policies reflect our commitment to respecting the protection of internationally recognized Human Rights.

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Diversity Committee

The Raven Diversity Committee is responsible for ensuring continuing progress toward the vision of Raven’s diversity initiative. The Committee sets priorities and provides guidance for Raven in the design and implementation of a suite of activities and resources to help Raven team members gain the skills necessary to meet the needs of and reflect the diverse communities they serve.

Sustainability Committee

The Raven Sustainability Committee was established to consider the sustainability impacts of Raven’s business activities, including social, environmental, and ethical impacts.