Our Strategy

Business Model

The Raven business model is our platform for success. It is defensible and sustainable, and it gives us an opportunity for strong financial returns.

  • We intentionally serve market segments with strong growth prospects in both the near and long term. Our disciplined approach to serving fundamentally strong markets ensures a crisp focus for the organization.
  • We serve a set of diversified markets. Maintaining a portfolio of businesses that share a common purpose but serve different markets provides balance, opportunity, and risk mitigation to the organization.
  • We consistently manage a pipeline of growth initiatives within our market segments. Diversity within this pipeline ensures a steady stream of growth opportunities for the corporation.
  • We invest in continuous improvement, encouraging continued advancements in each market we serve, and focusing heavily on market-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities.
  • We value our balance sheet as a source of strength and stability. The Raven model has a proven track record of effectively putting capital to work, and strong earnings and cash flows provide funding for our growth strategy.
  • We make corporate responsibility a top priority. Raven invests in our team members, our communities, and technology that can improve the world.

Dimensions of Competition

It’s our strategy to aggressively compete on four Dimensions of Competition: Quality, Service, Innovation, and Peak Performance. Deeply connected to our culture and values, Raven’s four Dimensions of Competition are the foundation on which we separate our company from our competition. These are not initiatives that come and go; they are enduring values — and a testament to our commitment to continual improvement.

  • Quality: Exceptional quality is built into each product at Raven. Our focus on quality connects us to our customers, ensuring growth and retention.
  • Innovation: Thoughtful innovation fuels long-term organic growth within each division at Raven. As we collaborate on new ideas, our company, team members, and customers are propelled forward.
  • Service: Outstanding service is essential to our success. At Raven, we create a competitive advantage by understanding, anticipating, and delivering on the needs of those around us.
  • Peak Performance: Peak Performance is our commitment to prepare ourselves as individuals as well as a corporation to be our best.

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