Career Development

Raven places a high priority on the continual professional and personal development of its team members

Reaching Your Full Potential

We believe each team member should have the opportunity to perform to one’s full potential. Experience has shown us that when we do, it allows us to better serve our customers, our communities, our fellow team members, and ourselves. As an employer, we believe it is our responsibility to help our team members find opportunities for continuous improvement and ongoing success.


We believe that everyone has the potential to thrive, and we are very focused on building exceptional Raven Business Leaders. To meet this great need, Raven designed a system that allows our teams, businesses, and leaders to thrive. When something thrives, it prospers, develops vigorously, and flourishes. This is what we want for our leaders — and for our business. Using several modes of development, THRIVE is designed to leverage our company’s strong culture, clear set of values, and strategy for growth.

The THRIVE program has proven both timely and valuable. The content is highly applicable and tailored for differing levels of understanding and need. It’s been easy to pick the courses that are right for me in my goals and career development path in addition to signing up for them. The skills learned can be applied almost immediately and the delivery is phenomenal. I've either learned something new or have had previous training strengthened with hands-on activities and group engagement. Everyone will be able to find an offering that will help you in your current role or growth towards a new role.

— Derek Waldner, Engineering Team Lead

Opportunities Outside of Raven

Beyond our own offerings, team members have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in training and development activities outside of Raven. Whether it is a sponsored leadership program or a financial training course, several team members are involved in non-Raven program and trainings.

Outside offerings include:

  • Leadership South Dakota
  • Leadership Sioux Falls
  • Sioux Falls EmBe’s Women’s Leadership Program
  • American Management Association
  • Dale Carnegie Leadership Training
  • Leadercast
  • Udemy

Peak Time

Knowing time can be a barrier to accomplishing personal and professional development goals, Raven offers the gift of time to team members. Each year, team members receive 12 hours of paid Peak Time to use to assist with and encourage an exploration of techniques to improve one’s mind, body, and spirit. Team members use this time to explore Raven resources, engage in a stretch activity, or embrace a healthy lifestyle change.

Reach Your Full Potential at Raven

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