People & Values

While our values have endured for decades, Raven's history of success is the direct result of our extremely talented and hard-working team members.

What makes Raven a great place to work? Our people, and the values we share. From the top down, Raven's leadership sets the tone for our culture — living our values each day. We believe in collaboration, accountability, and always striving to improve. Our team members work hard together, and they have fun together. As a service-oriented organization, we serve and support one another, and we serve the communities in which we operate. Above all, our team members care about one another — and we care about them.

Raven, more than any other company I have worked for, has shown me time and time again that there is a willingness and desire to help our team members grow.

— Michael Kleinhans, Production Supervisor

Raven Values

Raven has always been a lean organization that wins by being nimble, making courageous decisions, doing the right things, and pitching in on whatever needs to be done. Our team members embrace and strive to uphold our values each day. These long-held principles have guided the company for decades, from the strategic development of our business to the daily actions of our team members.

  • Integrity: Honest, reliable, and steadfast
  • Authenticity: Genuine and trustworthy
  • Courage: Willing to stand up for what is right
  • Service: Proactively meeting the needs of others
  • Humility: Embraces ongoing improvement and empowers others to succeed
  • Drive: Bold and thoughtful action with a clear sense of purpose

Dimensions of Competition

It's our strategy to aggressively compete on four Dimensions of Competition: Quality, Service, Innovation, and Peak Performance. Deeply connected to our culture and values, Raven's four Dimensions of Competition are the foundation on which we separate our company from the competition. These are not initiatives that come and go; they are enduring values — and a testament to our commitment to continual improvement.

  • Quality: Exceptional quality is built into each product at Raven. Our focus on quality connects us to our customers, ensuring growth and retention.
  • Innovation: Thoughtful innovation fuels long-term organic growth within each division at Raven. As we collaborate on new ideas, our company, team members, and customers and propelled forward.
  • Service: Outstanding service is essential to our success. At Raven, we create a competitive advantage by understanding, anticipating, and delivering on the needs of those around us.
  • Peak Performance: Peak Performance is our commitment to prepare ourselves as individuals as well as a corporation to be our best.

 Our Dimensions are woven into every aspect of our businesses, and the results are easily seen in our day-to-day life at Raven.

I love how Raven supports us all to take time to develop in Mind, Body and Spirit and to have fun while participating in the numerous events the company offers. I feel proud to be a part of this great organization that encourages us to take ownership in our wellbeing. Peak Performance is truly a key component in our Dimensions of Competition that sets us apart!

— Alexa Maud, Payroll Specialist

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