Purpose: Solving Great Challenges

Our purpose provides endless opportunity for team members to succeed.

At Raven, we aspire to Solve Great Challenges. This is our role in the world and why we exist as an organization. At our inception in 1956, our founders were focused on aiding space exploration. Over the course of more than 65 years, our team members have sought out new challenges, and our product lines have evolved. However, one thing that has never changed has been our commitment to our purpose. This steadfast commitment inspires our team members and provides endless opportunity to succeed in a highly challenging and rewarding work environment.

Underneath it all, Raven's history of success is the direct result of our extremely talented and hard-working team members. Through a spirit of innovation and a progressive look toward our future, Solving Great Challenges today can be seen in each Raven business. For many of our team members, Solving Great Challenges serves a higher personal purpose as well. As we collaborate and innovate together, our team members are challenged to grow and encouraged to explore meaningful fulfillment through their work.

Raven is all about opportunities. Once they are created, it's up to you on how far you take them.

— Dale Ducheneaux, Machine Operator

Focused Today on these Great Challenges

Feeding the World

Enhancing Security & Connecting the World

Raven allows me to work on products my friends and family use. Engineers here are responsible for more than small components — they design entire systems.

— Alex Weidenbach, Technical Program Manager

Join Us in Solving Great Challenges

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