See Your Impact as a Raven Engineer

See Your Impact

At Raven, our engineers are at the forefront of developing disruptive, life-changing technology. We use a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to solve great challenges. Engineers are encouraged to proactively test their ideas at the office and in the field at our innovation campus. If you want to see your ideas through and receive in-person insights from end-users, join our team in solving great challenges.

Raven Applied Technology

Linux Release Software Engineer

Break ground on new software projects with a focus on cutting-edge agricultural machine autonomy. Write, support, and deploy software; and develop products on Linux.

Model Based Design Team Lead

Oversee engineering assignments for all product development and product support functions that are assigned to the team.

Staff Linux Software Engineer

As a Staff Linux Software Engineer, you will perform the necessary tasks to bring up and support custom embedded hardware running Linux.

Sioux Falls

South Dakota's Queen City offers a little something for everyone, and Raven's situated at its heart in Downtown Sioux Falls. In their free time, our team members enjoy world-class restaurants and city parks, excellent schools, and a wide variety of entertainment. During the day, you'll even find our team out running or biking on the nearly-30 miles of paved paths around the city.

Phoenix Metro Area

Arizona’s Valley of the Sun is a top hub nationwide for high-performance companies and individuals including Raven. This strategic location connects Raven to Arizona State University, one of the nation’s largest and most innovative universities. With a focus on product development, data science, and artificial intelligence, Raven team members also have access to acres of farmland nearby for same-day testing.


From health and financial benefits to personal and professional benefits, Raven offers our team members countless opportunities to take care of themselves, their families, and their professional futures. Supporting our team inside and outside of the office is critical to solving great challenges.