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At Raven, innovation is not just something we talk about. Our engineering and technical staff invent, design, and customize our advanced products and solutions every day.

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Leading the Charge

At Raven, we are developing unique technology for a growing and changing world. Our engineers and technicians are expanding into automation, machine learning, advanced radar, and more. We are investing in the future of Solving Great Challenges, providing market-leading solutions that will change the world. Picture your engineering and technical skills, combined with the drive and courage of the Raven team, furthering the development of these technologies:

Raven Autonomy™

Thunderhead Balloon Systems

Where does your technical skillset fit at Raven?

We employ a variety of engineering disciplines, including:

  • Agricultural
  • Electrical
  • Computer/Software
  • Mechanical
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • IT

...and more! Our recruiting team is always looking to connect. If you are wondering about our more specialized opportunities, please send us a note and your resume at


Looking for a creative and meaningful outlet for your advanced skills and training? Grow your technical excellence and collaborate on solutions to great challenges across a variety of disciplines.