Career Day

Interact, Learn & Discover

Engineering Career Day is an interactive educational program that is centered around the fields of Engineering for high school students at all levels. Students participate in a one-day session designed to gain exposure to business leaders, hear from Raven team members, and explore real-life applications of the various disciplines of Engineering.

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer/Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

We also welcome students with varying interests in technical experience and/or an undecided career path.

It was cool to see engineers in action and take in what it would be like to work for Raven one day.

— Sydney E., 2020 participant


Welcome from Raven Leadership

Breakout Sessions

Raven Engineers lead discussions centered around each field of Engineering. Sharing their experiences and recommendations, our Engineers open up about their personal paths in Engineering:

  • Education/background
  • Current job roles and the projects they get to work on
  • Hobbies that sparked their interest
  • Career advice

Demo of Raven Technology

In a demo led by Raven Engineers, students will watch Raven tech in action and see how we're advancing farming through technology and innovation.

After attending Engineering Career Day, I am more likely to pursue a career in engineering. I already wanted to be an engineer, and now with the extra information, I look forward to it even more.

— Tyler J., 2018 participant

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