Raven is committed to providing a quality internship program that gives you a chance to apply your skills, develop your talent, and contribute to meaningful projects. Across our company, Raven interns do real work that impacts our business in fields like engineering, IT, operations, marketing, sales, business development, and finance.

Our robust program offers business learning sessions, connects interns across the company, and pairs each intern with both a supervisor and a Raven mentor for guidance and support.

Business Learning Sessions

Over the course of the summer, our interns meet weekly to hear from a Raven leader on a range of topics designed to increase business acumen, deepen knowledge and understanding of Raven values, and prepare for upcoming job opportunities. Topics may include:

  • Understanding Company Financials
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Healthy Living
  • Innovating for the Future
  • Benefits: What You Need to Know
  • 401(k) Training
  • Interview Tips & Tricks

Connecting Interns Across the Company

Raven interns do real work, collaborating with our full-time team members as well as with one another. From the very first day, our interns come together for onboarding, orientation, and tours of our facilities. We also host social events for our interns to get to know one another, strengthening their relationships. We have interns across the company, which means they're located across the U.S. and beyond. For our satellite team members, we use powerful online collaboration and presentation tools that enhance visibility and communication.

Supervisor & Mentor Support

Raven interns are assigned both a supervisor and a mentor when they arrive. Throughout the internship, the intern's supervisor and mentor guide projects, immerse interns in the Raven culture, and provide meaningful feedback and guidance.

I became a valuable part of the team from day one as I was assigned hands-on projects that have a real impact on the company and its customers.

— Jamie Johnson, 2021 Training & Content Creator Intern

Meet Our Interns

It’s awesome to work for a company that values integrity, honesty, and giving it your all in every situation.

— Ronan Pereira, 2021 Technical Service Intern

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