Meet a #RavIntern

Ronan Pereira, Technical Service Intern, Raven Applied Technology

Meet Ronan

Ronan Pereira is remotely joining Raven from Brazil as a Technical Service Intern for the summer. He is currently going into his sixth year at UNICAMP as he continues to study Agricultural Engineering. He is working with Raven’s Technical Service Team throughout the summer as he supports our Customer Service and Precision Ag Specialists with troubleshooting technical issues with Raven’s precision ag products.

It’s awesome to work for a company that values integrity, honesty, and giving it your all in every situation.”

Summer at Raven

This summer, Ronan working with Technical Services as he supports customer service and our Precision Ag Specialists with troubleshooting any technical issues with Raven’s precision ag products. His typical day involves taking customer inquires and finding solutions to those requests. One of the projects he has worked on this summer has involved better developing our program that collects and reports common trends in the requests that come in. These reports help Raven know which products have generated the most doubts during their operation, which dealer has the most questions, or which regions demand the most attention from our team. Improving this system will help his team make better decisions when planning training as well as generating materials to support recurring problems.

In addition to deepening his knowledge in the field of precision agriculture, Ronan has also learned a lot about working as a team and communication. His favorite part about the internship has been the dynamism in each day. Each day is different. Some days he may be supporting someone in Europe and other days he may be supporting someone in the U.S. Each day has brought its own challenges that have pushed him out of his comfort zone and helped him grow in his skills and as a Raven Team member.

When asked which Raven Value — drive, humility, courage, authenticity, integrity, and service — resonates with Ronan the most, he said integrity. Integrity has always been a present value in his personal character thanks to his parents. In addition to having this value in his personal life, it also extends to his professional life as well.

I am very happy to see many of the company’s values aligned with my personal values, such as integrity and innovation. This all provides a healthy and motivating work environment for us to continue solving great challenges.”

Fun Facts About Ronan

  • He served a year in the Brazilian military service prior to entering college.
  • If he could travel to any era he would go to the future because he would love to see how far technology can go.
  • He wants to visit Brussels Belgium to try all the beers and enjoy the local cuisine.

Written by Brandon Kjonegaard, 2021 Communications Intern, Raven Industries