NASA TechRise Student Challenge

The NASA TechRise Student Challenge is a unique, hands-on learning opportunity. Students are challenged to competitively design research payloads for NASA-supported commercial suborbital flights. Raven Aerostar will help students bring their ideas of technology-driven experiments to the edge of space or beyond via a high-altitude balloon.

Raven Aerostar is partnering with NASA and Future Engineers as a flight provider for the NASA TechRise Student Challenge. This competition will inspire a deeper understanding of Earth’s atmosphere, space exploration, coding, and electronics, as well as a broader understanding of the value of test data. The challenge will also provide students with opportunities to engage with Raven, NASA, and technology communities, as well as expose them to potential careers in science, technology, and space exploration fields.

Through different programs, customers — including NASA — approach Raven to fly their research equipment for many different reasons. This equipment, carried by the balloon, is called the “payload.” In the NASA TechRise Student Challenge, students are tasked with designing a payload for a NASA-supported balloon flight. Competing with designs from across the United States, the Challenge winners will have their creation launched into the stratosphere.

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NASA TechRise Student Challenge Registration

NASA TechRise Student Challenge Registration



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