Raven will host an Investor Day event on September 18, 2018 at its corporate headquarters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The event will feature Company and divisional updates from President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Rykhus; Chief Financial Officer Steven Brazones; and leaders from each of the operating divisions.

Raven Industries and Topcon Agriculture, both leaders in the precision agriculture market, announced a licensing agreement for Topcon Agriculture's use of the Slingshot Application Programming Interface (API) in its various software platforms. The Slingshot API is a software-to-software interface that benefits the end-user by providing a simple and seamless way for sharing data between software systems.

Congratulations to Raven Applied Technology Production Supervisors Michael Kleinhans, Steve Vaughan, and Colton Mathieu for being named September's Team Member Spotlight winners! After attending a Raven University "Leading for Peak" workshop, the trio pursued a "Leading for Peak" project within their production area. They identified opportunities that would enhance a Peak mindset throughout their organization, focusing on career, social, and emotional wellbeing.

This summer, Raven Aerostar launched a Thunderhead 400 balloon with some new faces in the audience. A number of Raven interns from various divisions and disciplines were able to watch the balloon take flight, making it the first launch seen by many of them. Read more about our interns' experiences of this launch, including some unique perspectives from the interns themselves.