Raven Hosts Girl Scouts "Preserving the World with Technology" Event

Inside Raven

On January 30, Raven Industries virtually hosted fourth and fifth grade Girl Scout Juniors from Girl Scouts – Dakota Horizons, outlining Raven Engineered Films' impact on preserving our natural resources. In the third event in our multi-year partnership, the Girl Scouts earned these exclusive Raven patches by walking through a virtual experiment with our engineers, learning how our unique barrier films preserve Earth's natural resources. All in all, it was a fun event that encouraged the next generation of women in STEM.

Like so many things this past year, the event was forced to take on a new look entirely. The Girl Scouts and our volunteers did an amazing job. Connecting through Zoom, the Scouts learned all about our barrier film the many uses for it, and the science behind it. After being split into three breakout rooms, they were taught a little more about barrier concepts and completed two interactive experiments.

Odor Blocking

The Girl Scouts were given engineered film packets (one made with barrier film and one made with non-barrier film), specialized barrier tape, and two tree-shaped car air fresheners ahead of the program. The goal of this experiment was to see how well the barrier film blocked the smell of the air freshener. The Scouts were instructed to take the non-barrier film and place one opened “tree” inside the packet. They then used the tape to attempt to seal in the smell. They repeated the process with the second packet, which was made of barrier film this time. The girls then smelled each of the packets and were able to tell the difference between the packets — and how the barrier worked, holding in the odor.

Food Preservation

For their second experiment, the Scouts prepared apple slices from home. Using another set of barrier and non-barrier films packets, they put one apple slice in each. After sealing the packets, the Scouts were tasked with observing the apples over time. Over the next several weeks, they were able to compare how each apple slice rotted or decayed. The barrier film slowed the process — much like how our Engineered Film products provide Industrial Packaging solutions to cover and protect shipments, contain liquids, protect against moisture or gases, and more.

Trivia & Wrap-Up

Afterward, the Scouts rejoined the large group and participated in a short quiz about Raven Engineered Films. All in all, it was a great morning of engaging virtual activities.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to showcase barrier plastics technology to the Girl Scouts and seeing their interest in STEM activities. I was impressed with the level of engagement from the girls and was happy to be able to highlight just a few ways that Raven is impacting the world through science.”

— Derek Coover, Engineering Manager, Raven Engineered Films

Dear Raven Industries,

Thank you for working with the Girl Scouts and sharing how Raven Industries is preserving the world. It was pretty cool."

— Harper M., Girl Scout Junior

Thank you to all of the Raven team members who helped make this event a success, encouraging the next generation of women in STEM!