Team Member Spotlight: January 2021

Inside Raven

Congratulations to Raven Applied Technology.Test Engineer Brady Buck, our first Team Member Spotlight winner of 2021! Brady demonstrates an outstanding commitment to supporting Raven Autonomy™, providing quality products and product testing procedures.

Brady's dedication to advancing our autonomous offerings goes well past what is expected. He stands out in the company because of his commitment to making the entire autonomous experience a success for our team and customers.

His work ethic drives success across the entire team. He produces great work on his own, but also supports the autonomous program by bringing everyone that he works with up to a higher standard.

Since the introduction of our autonomous program, Brady has gone out of his way to make the entire autonomous experience a success."

— Tom Wenzel, Project Manager, Raven Applied Technology

Since December 2019, Brady has led and supported testing of our Dot® and AutoCart® platforms on multiple occasions. He currently provides remote site support for the platforms, leading safety tests for autonomous vehicles as well as providing feedback for Slingshot®, Guidance & Steering, and Application Controls.

Thank you, Brady, for driving success in Raven Autonomy!