Team Member Spotlight: October 2020

Inside Raven

Congratulations to Ryan Pearce, our October team member spotlight winner! Ryan brings a lot of value to the Raven Aerostar team, often going above and beyond his traditional role as an engineering manager to propel radar solutions forward.

Since joining the Raven team in late 2018, Ryan has doubled the size of his team and led the development and support of the Raven Aerostar radar product offerings. Under his leadership, the radar team has developed and released the HiPointer 100 radar system, has executed numerous successful customer installations and product demonstrations, and is on track for future radar product releases.

What’s unique about Ryan is that he is not only a brilliant engineer, but also has a deep understanding of business. He is in tune to what the customer needs and how to turn that into a sellable product."

— Jim Nelson, Director of Engineering

Beyond the typical innovation required in product development, Ryan has been known to think outside of the box when unexpected challenges arise. Earlier this year, the team needed to do some testing on the HiPointer radar, but COVID-19 restrictions prevented them from getting out on the water. Ryan didn’t hesitate to come up with an alternative means of testing. He installed the radar system within a camping topper on his vehicle. He then drove around with the radar so that engineers could gather the data they needed to continue development.

Drive, courage, humility, authenticity, integrity, and service are our team member values. “He nails every one of the Raven values, particularly his humility,” Jim commented. “He’s a great guy.”

Congratulations, Ryan, and thank you for all you do to support the vision of the Raven team!