Welcome, 2018 Summer Interns!

Inside Raven

It's that time of the year again! The time when college students wrap up exams, finish their semesters and begin their new ventures — including internships. This also means new faces around each Raven business as our interns begin a summer of learning, growing and developing through the Raven Internship Program.

At Raven, we will host 51 interns throughout 2018 — which has grown from 40 interns in 2017. Some of our interns already began their journey at the beginning of the year, while some are returning from our 2017 intern class. We have interns that come from a variety of schools (South Dakota State University, Texas A&M, SD Mines, Augustana University, University of Illinois, University of Pennsylvania, and more) and their specialties range from Marketing to Chemical Engineering. Regardless, we have 51 eager minds ready to Solve Great Challenges!

Summer at Raven

It is our hope to provide a well-rounded experience for all Raven interns throughout the summer. This includes hosting intern learning sessions that capitalize on topics that are relevant and relatable to them. Topics include understanding company financials, personal branding, benefits, interview tips and tricks, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. During these sessions, we seek to engage the interns in well-rounded thinking that goes beyond the expanse of their internship specialty.

In addition to the learning sessions, each intern is assigned a Raven team member that acts as one-on-one mentor throughout the summer. These mentors provide active advice and support as they walk alongside the interns and complete their assigned summer projects. At the end of the summer, the interns are given the opportunity to present their projects and findings to the group.

We are grateful for the continued involvement of Raven team members in this program, as it takes many hands to make such a positive experience for these young professionals.

— Kiley Vander Maten, Human Resources Coordinator

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