Once a month, Raven recognizes team members for their outstanding efforts in four categories: Service, Quality, Innovation and Peak Performance. Congratulations to Luke Pucket, Design Engineer, for winning this month's Team Member Spotlight in the category of Service!

'Tis the season for family, gift giving, and cherished traditions! Raven team members share their favorite holiday traditions and reflect on the moments that make this season so special. From childhood memories to current traditions, these stories reveal the love and care behind gift giving, decorating, and — most importantly — spending time with loved ones.

Each day, team members at Raven strive to be outstanding in Quality, Service, Innovation, and Peak Performance. Chris Pederson, Shipping & Receiving Coordinator for Raven Aerostar, is December’s spotlight winner in the category of Service.

At Raven, we compete every day on four Dimensions of Competition: Quality, Service, Innovation, and Peak Performance. Peggy Canter and Bridget Sea, who make up Raven’s talent acquisition team, are November’s spotlight winners.