Congratulations to Matthew Irish, Senior IT Engineer, for being named October's Team Member Spotlight Winner! Matt demonstrated an outstanding commitment to Service by helping Raven Aerostar with relentless service requests. He went above and beyond, seeking to understand their challenges and deliver the best solutions possible.

Each year, Raven team members around the world celebrate Peak Performance, one of our strategic Dimensions of Competition. Simply put, Peak Performance is our commitment to prepare ourselves as individuals, as well as a corporation, to be our best. In a week-long celebration that we call Peak Week, team members are encouraged to embrace our commitment to continual improvement and participate in activities that help them improve their personal wellness in the areas of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Read more about this year's festivities!

Congratulations to Raven Applied Technology Production Supervisors Michael Kleinhans, Steve Vaughan, and Colton Mathieu for being named September's Team Member Spotlight winners! After attending a Raven University "Leading for Peak" workshop, the trio pursued a "Leading for Peak" project within their production area. They identified opportunities that would enhance a Peak mindset throughout their organization, focusing on career, social, and emotional wellbeing.

This summer, Raven Aerostar launched a Thunderhead 400 balloon with some new faces in the audience. A number of Raven interns from various divisions and disciplines were able to watch the balloon take flight, making it the first launch seen by many of them. Read more about our interns' experiences of this launch, including some unique perspectives from the interns themselves.

Congratulations to Dorian Colvin, Raven Engineered Films Process Technician, for being named August’s Team Member Spotlight winner! Recognizing a safety need on Production Line 7, Dorian worked to implement new LED lighting in the production area. Read about how his efforts reduced tripping hazards and other safety concerns, while also making it easier to see how well the printer is operating.

Congratulations to Josh Winters, IT Systems and Service Supervisor, for being named July’s Team Member Spotlight winner! Josh recently traveled to Brazil to assist with the set-up of the Raven do Brasil Repair Center. Even though he was in Brazil to perform IT-specific tasks, he went above and beyond to help Raven Applied Technology configure their systems, providing exceptional customer service to everyone in the Paulínia office.