At Raven, we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Yuri Sneyders, Staff Research Engineer; Jonathan Mathews, Software Engineer; David Rislov, Staff Software Engineer; and Robert Haar, Engineering Team Lead, did an excellent job of improving an innovative product, making our VSN™ system easy to use for customers by developing efficient algorithms. Congratulations, team, for winning the September Team Member Spotlight!

We are dedicated to quality​ and continuous improvement ​in our service and processes at Raven. Raven Aerostar's Mary Palmer, Business Analyst I, and Paula Boschee, Contracts Manager, not only provide high-quality service; they have gone above-and-beyond to develop proposal and quotation development tools and processes that consistently generate top-notch proposals. Congratulations, Mary and Paula, for being named August's Team Member Spotlight winners!

This month's Team Member Spotlight winner is Alan Jensen, Facilities Project Engineer. Alan provided outstanding service as the project manager for space renovations at our facility in Arlington, VA — moving most of the office by himself. He took much of the burden off of our team members, allowing them to focus on their work and meet customer delivery schedules.

A huge perk of being a #RavIntern is that there are many current team members who also were interns — and willing to help you make the most out of your experience! At one of our interns’ Business Learning Sessions in May 2019, we hosted a panel of four current Raven team members who are #RavIntern alumni, and asked them to share a little bit about “making the most out of your internship.” Read what they had to say, and check out the list of #RavIntern alumni who are still team members here at Raven!