Congratulations to Trainer Rick Johnston on winning our February 2021 team member spotlight! Rick's vision to improve team member onboarding and retention, as well as his innovative training programs, have helped improve multiple areas of Raven Aerostar's operations.

Congratulations to Test Engineer Brady Buck, our first Team Member Spotlight winner of 2021! Brady demonstrates an outstanding commitment to providing quality products and testing procedures as part of the Raven Autonomy™​​ team within Raven Applied Technology.

Congratulations to our December Team Member Spotlight winner, Credit Manager Amy Fechner! Amy's relentless drive, ability to serve our customers, and ability to adapt during unprecedented times have helped improve our company's collection processes.

​Congratulations to Melanie Tatge, our November Team Member Spotlight winner! Her effective leadership of Raven Engineered Films' inventory and scheduling during these unprecedented times has helped our business stay strong.

Raven Industries is officially Great Place to Work-Certified™! This significant achievement means that at least 7 out of 10 team members have a consistently positive experience here. In light of that, here are the top 7 reasons why our team members say that Raven is a great place to work!