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Your Path to Autonomy

Autonomous farming is both here today and necessary for you to make the most out of everything — every yielded crop, every minute of up-time, and every labor resource. Autonomy, despite its misconceptions, is not an all-or-nothing, on-or-off technology. Rather, it is a set of innovative automated technologies that build together in progressive stages to give you more efficiency, yield, profit, and resources.

We’re committed to helping you implement more automated technology in your operation to reduce fatigue, improve safety, increase sustainability, and help you grow more with less. Taking strides forward by adding technology into your operation will help your farm serve the world better.

At Raven, we call this process of building and integrating technology solutions the “Path to Autonomy.” The Path to Autonomy is your journey to gaining efficiency by implementing stages of technology that gradually simplify and automate your operation. And we're here to support you every step of the way.

Level 1: Precision Farming Technology

Machine Level Automation

Each technology is operated independently. This is the first step to enhancing your productivity.

Level 2: Coordination & Optimization

Task Level Automation

The environment, fleets, and technologies can be orchestrated to seamlessly communicate and execute field tasks. Connectivity further optimizes operational productivity and operation oversight.

Level 3: Operator Assisted Autonomy

Environmental Level Automation

The mission or environment can control basic propulsion, guidance, and application, giving the operator the confidence and the freedom to monitor mission success.

Level 4: Supervised Autonomy

Mission Level Automation

The driverless machine is directly commanded and directed from outside the machine but within the field. The driverless machine executes the mission on its own, enabling the operator to focus on additional responsibilities.

Level 5: Full Autonomy

Enterprise Level Automation

The driverless machine executes the mission with no in-field operator or in-field supervision required. This enables a fully autonomous farming operation.

How Raven Advances Autonomy

Raven leads the autonomous ag market by giving farmers the opportunity to experience driverless tech. OMNiPOWER 3200 furthers relentless innovation, customer accessibility, and continuous improvement, propelling Raven to the forefront of autonomy as the face of customer-focused product development.

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"Autonomy in agriculture is evolving every day and I am pleased that Raven is continuing to invest and support its development. If we we look at where we're at with autonomy in ag, it makes me think of, Henry Ford or Glenn Curtis and the Wright brothers." — Chuck Baresich, Haggerty AgRobotics

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