Your Path to Autonomy

Be more efficient, productive, and profitable in your farming operation

Autonomous Farming: The Future of Agriculture

As the agriculture industry faces the challenge of feeding a growing global population, farmers are turning to autonomous farming technology to increase efficiency, yield, and resources. Raven is leading the way in this technology revolution, providing innovative solutions to help farmers achieve autonomy in their operations and meet the world’s growing food demands.

The Path to Autonomy: Simplifying and Automating Your Farm

At Raven, we believe that autonomous farming is a journey, not a destination. Our “Path to Autonomy” approach is designed to help farmers implement levels of autonomous technology that gradually simplify and automate their operations. Our goal is to support farmers at every step on this journey. Moving forward on the Path to Autonomy means reducing fatigue, improving safety, increasing sustainability, and ultimately achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

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Implementing Autonomous Farming Technology

Raven Industries offers a range of cutting-edge autonomous technology solutions that can help farmers achieve their goals. Our precision ag solutions, autonomous steering, chemical application controls, and other innovative products contribute to the foundation of an autonomous farming system. By taking advantage of these solutions, farmers can achieve greater autonomy and optimize their operations for maximum yield and profit today.

The Benefits of Autonomous Farming

There are many benefits to implementing autonomous farming technology in your operation. By achieving greater autonomy, you can reduce labor costs, optimize resource utilization, and increase crop yields. Additionally, by automating tasks, you can reduce the risk of human error and improve safety on the farm. Ultimately, autonomous farming is a crucial step towards meeting the growing challenges of the agriculture industry in the 21st century and beyond.

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Your Path to Autonomy

Autonomous farming is the future of agriculture, and Raven is at the forefront of this revolution. Our “Path to Autonomy” approach is designed to help farmers implement autonomous technology in stages, gradually simplifying and automating their operations. With our cutting-edge solutions and expert support, farmers can achieve greater autonomy, efficiency, and productivity in their operations. Contact us today to learn more about how Raven Industries can help you achieve autonomy in your farm operation.

Level 1: Precision Farming Technology

Machine Level Automation

Each technology is operated independently. This is the first step to enhancing your productivity.

Level 2: Coordination & Optimization

Task Level Automation

The environment, fleets, and technologies can be orchestrated to seamlessly communicate and execute field tasks. Connectivity further optimizes operational productivity and operation oversight.

Level 3: Operator Assisted Autonomy

Environmental Level Automation

The mission or environment can control basic propulsion, guidance, and application, giving the operator the confidence and the freedom to monitor mission success.

Level 4: Supervised Autonomy

Mission Level Automation

The driverless machine is directly commanded and directed from outside the machine but within the field. The driverless machine executes the mission on its own, enabling the operator to focus on additional responsibilities.

Level 5: Full Autonomy

Enterprise Level Automation

The driverless machine executes the mission with no in-field operator or in-field supervision required. This enables a fully autonomous farming operation.

Unbeatable Blend of Proven Iron and Autonomous Innovation

The first-ever driverless spreader in the industry that provides an efficient and flexible solution for farmers. This cutting-edge technology enables consistent spreading performance and is ideal for a wide range of field operations, including multi machine operations, field mapping, and remote management. By combining traditional machinery with autonomous innovation, this unparalleled applicator offers the best of both worlds. Raven's advanced technology stack is integrated into the applicator to provide Level 4 supervised autonomy, making it more accessible than ever before.

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"The core of agriculture technology today is the same as it has been for decades at Raven — simplifying farming processes to gain tremendous efficiencies. We continue to be invested in autonomy because it solves a lot of today’s productivity challenges." — Eric Shuman, Raven General Manager

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