AutoBoom® XRT

Holds the boom level for application exactly as intended

AutoBoom® XRT maintains optimal spray height for maximum product efficacy. The AutoBoom® XRT radar sensors monitor the ground, canopy height, and machine movement — then use the information to automatically adjust the boom to stay within its intended position. As a result, the boom stays closer to the target height with less variability, maximizing boom life and minimizing crop damage.

Key Features

  • Beats the competition in moderate and extreme terrains.
  • Increased control and speed to traverse rolling hills, levees, terraces, and more.
  • Maintains optimal spray height.
  • Smooth movement and fast reaction time.
  • Can operate on ground and canopy modes.
  • Automatically adjusts to changing temperatures.
  • 3-7 non-contact radar sensors.
  • Center rack stability technology is pressure-based for smooth movement and quicker reaction time, maximizing boom life.
  • Radar sensors read up to 5 meters.
  • ISOBUS compatible.

AutoBoom XRT is another superior product from Raven that I won’t spray without. It’s the only boom control product on the market today that does exactly what it is supposed to do. To say it simply — it just works.

— Jason Pavlu, Simpson Farm Enterprises

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