AutoBoom® XRT

Holds the boom level for application exactly as intended

AutoBoom® XRT maintains optimal spray height for maximum product efficacy. The AutoBoom® XRT radar sensors monitor the ground, canopy height, and machine movement — then use the information to automatically adjust the boom to stay within its intended position. As a result, the boom stays closer to the target height with less variability, maximizing boom life and minimizing crop damage.

Key Features

  • Beats the competition in moderate and extreme terrains.
  • Increased control and speed to traverse rolling hills, levees, terraces, and more.
  • Maintains optimal spray height.
  • Smooth movement and fast reaction time.
  • Can operate on ground and canopy modes.
  • Automatically adjusts to changing temperatures.
  • 3-7 non-contact radar sensors.
  • Center rack stability technology is pressure-based for smooth movement and quicker reaction time, maximizing boom life.
  • Radar sensors read up to 5 meters.
  • ISOBUS compatible.

AutoBoom XRT is another superior product from Raven that I won’t spray without. It’s the only boom control product on the market today that does exactly what it is supposed to do. To say it simply — it just works.

— Jason Pavlu, Simpson Farm Enterprises

Automatic Boom Height Systems for Ensured Consistency

Consistent boom height is important to combating weed resistance for three reasons: to reduce uneven spray dispersion if the boom is too low, to reduce spray droplet drift if the boom is too high and to reduce damage to the boom or crop if the boom is on uneven terrain. A recent study found that Raven AutoBoom® XRT holds the boom closer to the target height with less variability, ensuring consistency.

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