Flow Meters & Valves

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Flow Meters

All Raven flow meters are programmed to run flawlessly with all Raven consoles, field computers, and control area network (CAN) systems.

RFM Flow Meters

Raven RFM flow meters are compatible with most chemicals and liquids. A turn-down ratio of 50:1 makes any flow meter in the RFM series an ideal choice for most agricultural and industrial applications. With a wide variety of flow capacities as well as housing, turbine, shaft and bearing materials, our flow meters match even your most unique application needs.

Flow MeterFlow RateMaterialFittings
RFM 15P0.5 - 40 GPMPolypropylene M200 Banjo Flange
RFM 15S0.5 - 40 GPMStainless Steel/Polypropylene 1.5" NPT
RFM 15SG0.5 - 40 GPMStainless Steel/Polypropylene 2.0" x 1.5" Groove Lock
RFM 60SG1.5 - 150 GPMStainless Steel/Polypropylene 2.0" x 1.5" Groove Lock
RFM 60S1.5 - 150 GPMStainless Steel/Polypropylene 1.5" NPT
RFM 60P1.5 - 150 GPMPolypropylene M200 Banjo Flange
RFM 100P3 - 250 GPMPolypropylene M220 Banjo Flange
RFM 200P15 - 320 GPMPolypropylene M300 Banjo Flange

Magmeter Series

For monitoring liquid and manure applications, our Magmeter Series is specially designed without turbines, so you won’t miss a beat.

Flow MeterFlow RateMaterialFittings
Magmeter-3"22-995 GPMStainless Steel/TeflonANSI B16.5
Magmeter-4"35-1493 GPMStainless Steel/TeflonANSI B16.5
Magmeter-6"70-3000 GPMStainless Steel/TeflonANSI B16.5


Raven offers a wide variety of precision valves for virtually every application.

Butterfly and Ball Valves

  • Compatible with popular flange fittings
  • Features internal female NPT pipe threads for non-flange fittings
  • Excellent wear and chemical resistance
  • Available in Poly and Stainless Steel
¼ IN.¾ IN.1 IN.1 ¼ IN.1 ½ IN.2 IN.3 IN.

Boom Valves

  • High flow boom valves.
  • 40 GPM @ 5 PSI pressure drop per valve.
  • 175 PSI pressure rating.
  • M200 Banjo flange inlet.
  • ¾” female NPT outlets or M100 flanged.
  • 0.7 seconds on-time/off-time.
  • Plunger-style valve for complete shut-off.
  • Optional user configuration from 1-section to 10-section banks.

On/Off & Control Valves

  • Advanced power head design.
  • NH3 on/off valves include on/off indicator.
  • Full line of stainless steel and poly on/off and control valves.
  • Simple maintenance and servicing.

Hydraulic Control Valves

  • 3000 PSI pressure rating.
  • 60-115 Hz recommended pulse frequency.
  • Available in 5, 10, 15 and 30 GPM models.
  • PWM Control.

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