Get the most precise application out of every nozzle

Hawkeye® Nozzle Control is a pressure-based product control system that allows for precise sprayer application in a variety of conditions, reducing spray drift and getting the most out of every nozzle. Each nozzle is controlled by its own individual pulsing valve, giving you a consistent spray pattern as speed and conditions change. With unparalleled durability, even in rugged terrain and extreme temperatures, Hawkeye guarantees that you get the right product sprayed in precisely the right spot.

Key Features

  • Precise application rate in a variety of conditions.
  • Blended pulse application and a wide speed range provides consistent coverage.
  • Turn compensation minimizes over- and under- applications as the sprayer turns by adjusting individual nozzle flow rates to keep application rate uniform across the entire boom.
  • Protects from drift and evaporation to effectively hit the intended target.
  • Accurate droplet size and placement while maintaining proper volume of the application.
  • Ability to program up to 109 virtual sections or shut-off.
  • Extended range out of nozzle tips while keeping droplet size and spray pattern consistent allowing the operator to drive to the field conditions by extending the limitations set by his machine.
  • ISOBUS compatible.

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