Case IH Trident™ 5550 applicator with Raven Autonomy™

The Industry's First Autonomous Spreader

The Fast Track to Supervised Autonomy

The Case IH Trident 5550 applicator with Raven Autonomy, the industry’s first driverless spreader, gives you unmatched power and flexibility in the field. Whether you’re running a multi-machine operation, mapping a field for the first time, or managing operations remotely, the Case IH Trident 5550 applicator with Raven Autonomy gives you consistent spreading success.

This unbeatable blend of proven iron and autonomous innovation bridges the gap between traditional iron and multipurpose driverless power platforms. Raven brings its iterative technology stack to a best-in-class combination applicator to make Level 4 supervised autonomy more accessible.

How it Works

Send the autonomous applicator on spreading missions using Raven path planning software. First, you define the mission, mapping out the field boundaries and creating a path plan. Then, the system takes control of the machine, enabling you to run the Case IH Trident 5550 Applicator with Raven Autonomy from any mobile device.

Key Features

  • Adds driverless capabilities to a proven iron leader.
  • Plans and completes an entire field operation for one or more machines from any mobile device.
  • Remotely command, supervise, and monitor operations in the field or from another cab.
  • Can be run conventionally with the intuitive Viper® 4+ user experience with Slingshot® Job Sync, enabling multi-machine operations.

Autonomy Gives You Options

The best-in-class combination applicator can be run in both autonomous mode and manual mode. This allows an operator to start a mission by driving the Trident to a field, establish the boundaries with the intuitive Viper® 4+ display, then set up the autonomous mission and take care of other job duties while in the cab. Alternatively, the operator can exit the cab and tend to other duties.

This autonomous capability also allows you to facilitate a multi-machine operation with one operator. Get tasks done more efficiently by monitoring the autonomous Case IH Trident 5550 applicator with Raven Autonomy from the cab of another machine using Viper® 4+ and Slingshot® Job Sync.

The merging of iron and technology allows you to drive in sync with the autonomous Trident, monitoring the autonomous spreading mission from the cab of another machine — covering acres more efficiently.

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