The Versatile Power Platform, Empowering Relentless Innovation

OMNiPOWER 3200 is the platform behind Raven’s rapid autonomy development and customer involvement. The multipurpose platform interchanges implements – such as a seeder, spreader, and sprayer – to complete autonomous missions.

The platform allows our engineering and product development teams to relentlessly innovate. Our team uses the all-purpose driverless vehicle to develop the building blocks of autonomy before integrating them with more conventional iron platforms, such as the Case IH Trident™ 5550 applicator with Raven Autonomy™. It provides an iterative platform for Raven engineers and developers to innovate broader building blocks of autonomy in real time.

With a lot of the same building blocks as our evolving tech stacks, OMNiPOWER also doubles as an accessible training platform. You can learn the basics of autonomous field planning operations by using OMNiPOWER 3200.

Key Features

  • Remote command, supervision, and monitoring in the field or another cab.
  • Completes spreading and spraying tasks autonomously.
  • Multi-directional moving, multi-purpose machine that delivers effortless implement changeover.
  • Short- and long-range sensors detect obstacles for safe operation.
  • Can be run in geofenced autonomous mode in fields or by manual remote control in yards or equipment sheds.
  • Interchanges implements, such as a seeder, spreader, or sprayer.

Customer-focused Development

OMNiPOWER 3200 is being used in fields today to prepare customers for autonomous operations. It is central to our customer-focused autonomy development process.

Partner with us to become Autonomy Certified and stay on the cutting-edge.

Furthering the Future of Farming

As autonomy in agriculture continues to expand, OMNiPOWER 3200 is also being used to encourage the next generation of agricultural professionals to push the limits of autonomy. Through educational and CSR partnerships, such as our collaboration with Olds College, students and communities get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology. This, in turn, will help the next generation of autonomous solutions serve the world even more.