Connectivity & Logistics

The backbone of efficient & effective farm management

Just like any business, successful farming comes down to effective data management — ensuring that every acre of land, every machine hour, and every individual crop is maximized for the biggest possible return. Connectivity & logistics technology centralizes all this data and more, helping you make informed real-time decisions to increase profit and productivity.

At Raven, we see effective connectivity and logistics technology — up-to-the-minute updates with sub-inch accuracy — as a foundational element of operational automation. Our solutions enable multiple machines to be deployed in the field at the same time without overlap, prevent dual applications after interruptions, and keep all stakeholders informed on the job’s status from anywhere — no more papers or USB drives. Simplify the way you do business by checking out Raven’s connected solutions today.


Slingshot® is a suite of services that syncs the farm operations from the field to the office.

Field Hub 2.1

The Field Hub 2.1 modem brings reliable and fast 4G LTE to your cab no matter where you are in the field.