Driving your operation to success, one pass at a time

Every saved minute, crop, and resource counts toward your success. Our products ensure that each row is driven as fast as possible without damaging crop to maximize your earnings and profits. That’s why precise guidance and steering technology is important — it protects the assets that are most valuable to your farm.

Our complete line of guidance and assisted steering systems keeps you on track no matter how precise your requirements may be. We provide everything from sub-meter GPS receivers and lightbar systems to the most advanced automatic steering systems with repeatable sub-inch RTK corrections. With Raven, your bottom line is always the most important line of all.

VSN® Visual Guidance

VSN® is a non-contact camera-based unit that transforms machine guidance through emerged to full canopy crops.


RS1 is a high-powered guidance and connectivity system that combines three functionalities into one intuitive, easy-to-use unit.


SC1™ is designed to provide hands-free machine steering when paired with a Raven field computer and GPS solution of your choice.

GNSS Receivers

Raven’s high-performance GNSS receivers provide highly accurate, reliable positioning for your precision technology.

GNSS Corrections

Our Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) correction options deliver highly accurate, reliable DGPS positioning using WAAS, EGNOS, GLONASS, and satellite GS-based DGPS correction options for our high-performance receivers.

Implement Steering

​Raven Implement Steering allows your implement to steer itself following a set guidance line, making your workflow more reliable and preventing crop damage.


Raven’s simple-to-install mechanical drive (MD) steering system harnesses advanced motor and GPS-enabled technologies to keep you on track and on-line all day long.