Simple, Silent, and Powerful Autosteer

Straight-forward Stress-free Steering, Powered by Raven

DirecSteer is Raven’s most intuitive retrofit autosteer solution for tractors and self-propelled farm machines. Its electric drive packs high torque and silent operation into a cost-competitive, easy-to-install unit for all equipment brands. DirecSteer is a smart motor-based solution with built-in intelligence. Electrical current and torque are measured and controlled internally.

Cost-Competitive and Comfortable in the Cab

Built on decades of steering innovation and expertise, DirecSteer is a high-precision, noise-free guidance solution at a competitive-based price that effortlessly guides you to increased yields and success. It reduces operator fatigue and crop damage by delivering highly accurate steering in all conditions.

Key Benefits

  • High-torque electric-drive motor.
  • Easy to install and transfer between machines.
  • Silent operation.
  • Scalable from sub-meter to sub-inch precision.
  • Consistent in all field conditions.
  • Allows for manual steering.
  • Compatible with all major equipment brands.
  • Affordable solution that drives you forward on your Path to Autonomy.

Powered by the Proven Raven Tech Stack & Service

For the best experience, pair the DirecSteer solution with a Raven CR7™ or CR12™display. These industry-leading integrations are supported by Raven’s industry-leading technical service and support.

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