Sioux Falls: CNH Industrial's Customer-Centric Innovation Hub

After almost a year of integration, Raven is delivering on its role as a technological innovation leader within CNH Industrial. With a growing, passionate team and access to the broader global reach and resources of CNH’s portfolio, Raven continues to advance farming with technology and innovation. The Raven headquarters and R&D campus in Sioux Falls, SD showcase critical elements of CNH Industrial’s value of customer-centric innovation. “Sioux Falls is a strategic location, surrounded by agriculture,” noted Erin Rinehart, Raven Director of Strategic Marketing.

The company’s unique location — in the heart of the Great Plains — enables Raven team members to directly involve customers in the product development process. This allows the company to develop reliable solutions quickly and flexibly.

“Working closely with our customers really allows us to gain incredible insights about their operation and the challenges they experience. That feedback feeds right back into our innovation pipeline.”

— Paul Welbig, Director of Strategic Accounts

Dedicated to the purpose of Helping Farmers Serve the World, the Raven team involves customers early and often in the product development process. The team is driven to solve real agricultural challenges because they are connected to our customers at a personal level. It’s common for engineers and technical team members to interact with farmers and ag professionals directly, gathering feedback and getting a pulse on authentic use cases for future technology. Through these genuine connections, the team develops a true focus on the customer because the task of making farming simpler takes on a truly personal, purposeful meaning.

“Our customers are farmers. That’s our friends and family. We don’t come to work to just make product, we come to work to make lives better for our friends and family."

— Alex Weidenbach, Technical Product Manager – Raven Autonomy

Take a tour of Raven Headquarters and see how we implement firsthand customer feedback into our innovation process at the Raven Innovation Campus by watching the video below.