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Growing Our Roots in Scottsdale

We continuously invest in our communities and our team members, seeking new opportunities for growth and development that will allow us to Help Farmers Serve the World.

Since opening an innovation hub in Scottsdale, Arizona in March 2022, we have continued to expand our operations there by growing our team and furthering our research in autonomous agriculture solutions.

When we opened our campus in Scottsdale, we had 14 full-time team members and eight interns onsite. Today, we have grown the team to 31 full-time team members with 12 interns joining in summer 2023. These team members are heavily focused in areas of artificial intelligence (AI), data engineering, and data science.

The space also hosts CNH Industrial team members, giving our teams the opportunity to work alongside each other and share ideas as One Team.

Our team members come from a range of diverse backgrounds with varying levels of experience in agriculture. One of the goals of our Scottsdale hub is to increase team members’ understanding of the noble work agriculture workers do. Our team members’ range of experience in agriculture allows them to build on each other’s knowledge, sharing ideas and innovating new solutions.

“Many team members in Scottsdale are new to the ag domain, and we work together as One Team to ensure we are all constantly focused on learning, which helps us understand ag products and practices that influence our innovation.”

— Kavita Vir, Director of Technology

Over the last year, the team has focused not only on growing the team but on expanding our innovative tech solutions. With a testing facility nearby in Maricopa, team members travel together for same-day testing of our products and use the results to iterate the next tech solution. Our location in Scottsdale – one of the nation’s top innovation hubs – partnered with this testing facility and our team members’ commitment to develop groundbreaking technology ensures that our team members remain at the cutting edge of ag tech.

“Since establishing our innovation hub, our focus has shifted toward developing the skills of the team and engaging them with our core technology. This has been fun to witness as many of the interns we had working for us last summer are now helping us to build out our cool and exciting technology.”

— Matt Rust, Senior Engineering Manager

Our growth in Scottsdale comes not only from the state-of-the-art workspace and nearby testing site but also from our commitment to developing our team members. As the operations in Scottsdale expand, we continue to grow our culture through team member bonding, collaboration, and development.

Director of Technology Kavita Vir said that over the last year, the team has prioritized recognizing team member’s differences and celebrating how these all work together to create a unique workplace.

“We take everyone's differences into consideration to create a welcoming environment, and we take measured steps in everything we do so that we can Grow Together.”

— Kavita Vir, Director of Technology

This commitment to tech and people means that our roots in Arizona will continue to grow and strengthen our place in the community. We have seen success at career fairs and recruiting opportunities at Arizona State University events, drawing in large crowds and meeting promising individuals who will contribute to the future of the ag industry.

As we continue to invest in our Scottsdale hub and our team members, we will develop new tech solutions that advance farming through technology and innovation.

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