How Connectivity Maximizes Your Operation

In an increasingly connected world, instant communication and feedback aren’t just nice-to-haves; they’re expectations. Modern farming operations are no different, especially with the goal of efficiency. Raven Slingshot®, our suite of software services, ensures farm operations are instantly synced from the field to the office. This helps you gain an average of 20% more efficiency with real-time communications and analytics. Here’s how you can gain more efficiencies across machines, operations, and your existing systems with a Slingshot® Gold subscription.

Gaining Efficiencies Across Machines

Running a multi-applicator or multi-machine operation without Slingshot® is like an orchestra trying to play a symphony without a conductor. Without the real-time coverage and guidance data shared between machines, it’s harder to keep precise maneuvers on-track — whether two machines are trying to run in perfect harmony at the same time, or one takes over right after the other finishes playing its solo (or doing its work). Slingshot’s operational logistics features make it easy to conduct a multi-machine job. Progress is shared in real-time, allowing you to see others’ contributions to the job with the machine-to-machine status widget. This reduces overlap and inaccurate application in two different multi-machine situations:

  1. When you’re running two machines at the same time, you can see where the other applicator covered and prevent dual application without complex verbal or hand-signal communication.
  2. When you’re needing to change out the machine on an operation, Job Sync precisely records each machine’s start and stop points, eliminating overlap from applicator to applicator and stopping the “guessing game."

Gaining Efficiencies Across Operations

Ever wish you could see your entire operation, measure your success, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your future, all in one place? With Slingshot’s machine and application reporting, you can! Slingshot’s robust analytics platforms give you an all-access pass behind the scenes, where you can find all the data you need.

This includes both high-level application data to help implement long-term process improvements and the nitty-gritty machine analytics for instant operational decisions. Utilizing Slingshot’s fleet analytics and machine telematics to the fullest potential leads to the benefits:

  • Improved allocation of machine resources. With seamless information on all your machines in one place, you can make decisions that help extend your equipment’s life, and make sure the right machine is allocated to the right job — preventing breakdowns before they arise. Slingshot keeps record of application time, acres covered, transit time, and idle time, as well as fuel and DEF levels and other operational statistics.
  • Increased applicator wellness. With a more tangible database of job reporting, operations managers can factor employee factors such as fatigue and workload in their decision-making.
  • Optimized application time. Every minute counts in the field — and Slingshot’s analytics helps you reduce unnecessary idle time. Identifying idle and inefficient places in your operation allows you pair additional tender deliveries, minimizing wait times.

Gaining Efficiencies Across Existing Systems

Looking for a custom solution to fit your needs? Slingshot’s API integrates with leading agriculture software providers and applications to provide cross-platform communications that streamline your existing processes. No need to enter the same data in multiple systems! API integrations cover most essential business functions, including but not limited to fleet management, billing, invoicing, agronomy, GIS, CRM, and more.

Ready to gain efficiencies across your operation?

If you’re looking to start operating with 20% more efficiency, connect with our team today to discuss Slingshot® subscription options.