Inside Raven

Meet a #RavIntern: Paul Schlotman, Mechanical Ag Engineer

Meet Paul

Paul Schlotman is a Mechanical Ag Engineer intern at Raven’s headquarters in Sioux Falls, SD. Paul is pursuing a major in agricultural engineering and plans to graduate this coming school year from South Dakota State University. Paul is originally from Sioux City, IA, and while he did not grow up on a farm, his father and grandfather did. He believes this is where he inherited his passion for farming and agriculture.

Over time, Paul has become very passionate about helping farmers do more with less and working to advance the efficiency of farming operations. Raven’s technology has made it a leader in the ag industry for finding sustainable solutions to farming challenges. Paul was drawn to Raven’s drive to make a big impact in the ag industry and their core values.

Something that you do not always see in every internship is being able to work on something that is real and relevant to the company. When you come to Raven, you are a valuable part of the team

— Paul Schlotman

Summer at Raven

Paul will be working with the integration team this summer, taking different components from several departments, and putting them together to make sure they work together with different machinery platforms. A big project that Paul is excited to be working on this summer is helping with the development of our driverless ag technology products that have yet to be released. He has helped design different components for this machinery and build, as well as will start testing them soon.

Paul enjoys many of the different aspects of working at Raven, but specifically enjoys the people he works alongside. He describes it similar to working with a family, developing strong friendships, who challenge you to put the best product out the door. This is a big passion of Paul’s, making sure he can give the best product he can to his friends and family as well as other farms.

Fun Facts About Paul

  • What is a random fun fact about you? I am kind of an aspiring craftsman. I aspire to get into blacksmithing.
  • What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten? My dad told me a while back, “Always put your best into what you do,” and that is the standard I hold myself to every day. It has highly paid off in everything I do.
  • If you can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Lots and lots of pizza.