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Your Raven control module plug-and-play integration guide

Raven's control modules are all-season, all-purpose controllers, giving users the flexibility to see and control what fits their needs. Our solutions are the proven leaders in hundreds of applications — from land prep to harvest. They work on virtually any fleet to increase efficiencies, reduce input costs, and integrate technology solutions. These include the Rate Control Module (RCM), Run Blockage Module (RBM), and specialty modules for drill control and grain cart monitoring.

With our control modules, you can find a solution to virtually any application challenge. And now, you can download a tool that can help you maximize the use of our reliable and transferrable controllers year-round.

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This FREE control modules guidebook is designed to help identify the benefits and value that Raven Control Modules bring at all stages of the crop cycle, sorted by application. It includes:

  • Solution Statements - challenge statements that help identify opportunities where Raven control modules can fit in your operation.
  • Use cases - lists applications that the versatile control modules add value to.
  • Benefits - outlines the technical specifications and value adds for each application.
  • Recommended plug-ins - suggestions for additional products that optimize the ROI of your control modules.

Download the free Control Modules Plug-and-Play guide to find the best use case at all stages of the crop cycle, sorted by application.

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When to Use the Plug & Play Guide

The Control Modules Plug and Play Guide is your ideal resource for:

  • When you're trying to run a complex, multi-product operation and need to make it easy to manage.
  • When you're looking to upgrade your existing equipment's precision with an existing ISOBUS display.
  • When you're running a mixed fleet and need the flexibility to plug in and go.
  • When you're wanting to increase yields and profit while decreasing input costs.

Download the Control Modules Plug-and-Play Guide

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