Raven VSN® Protects Your Crops with an "Extra Set of Eyes"

Stress Relief + Higher Speeds = More Cash Flow

How Would You Drive with an "Extra Set of Eyes" Watching Over Your Crops?

Sprayer operators that drive using Raven’s VSN® Visual Guidance System report 48% less stressful events per minute. The innovative camera and radar system works as an "extra set of eyes" that see and steer around crop — allowing operators to focus on other aspects of the application. The VSN® Visual Guidance system:

  • Reduces burnout, giving operators the stamina to work longer and get more done.
  • Allows operators to drive faster – at speeds up to 15 - 20 mph (24.1 – 32.1 km/h).
  • Allows applicators to cover more acres in a day, increasing cash flow.

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Key Features

  • Enhanced steering control and simple operation results in minimal crop damage and more acres covered in each available day.
  • Allows the operator to cover 20% more acres due to increased speed, more efficient field planning, and ease of use.
  • Reduces driver fatigue, allowing operators to increase the average length of their workday.
  • Drastically reduces crop damage and misapplication in the field, saving up to 2% of yields and operational profit.
  • Uses state-of-the-art image sensor and processing technologies to deliver quick response rate and better control.
  • Tracks machine paths accurately to the actual planting, not just hypothetically calculated rows.

Start Your Spring with 48% Less Stress

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