Team Member Spotlight: August 2022

Congratulations to Jessica Lindersmith, General Accounting Manager, this month's Team Member Spotlight winner! Jessica was nominated by leadership for her dedication to maintaining the Raven values in all areas of her work and her commitment to solving challenges that arise during change.

As the General Accounting Manager, Jessica oversees accounts payable and receivable, payroll accounting, and general and international accounting matters. She helps the accounting teams at each of our locations around the world, and she handles any concerns or issues at all locations. She assists with cash flows and cash funding needs, treasury issues, and how to account for daily cash items.

She overcomes any challenges that come her way and finds ways to bring ideas to life to enhance systems.

"I have a conversation with somebody, and I say, 'Sure, that sounds like a great idea,'" Accounting and Finance Controller Jacob Wurth said. "Then I go to Jessica, and we have a team meeting where we whiteboard ideas, and it happens. She works with the accounting team to implement whatever we have to do."

These ideas can range from anything, Jacob said. From changing a fiscal year, working with CNH Industrial corporate for selling receivables, integrating with CNH Industrial for cross functional charges across different entities, and more — Jessica is a leader for all these changes.

Jessica has been instrumental in making sure changes occur on time and that every new process continues to meet Raven's standard of excellence. Jessica has remained committed to ensuring quality systems and keeping all team members aligned.

Jessica has demonstrated consistent, above-and-beyond value add to different areas of our different companies. People don't see these things — it just happens. That's because of her leadership making sure it seamlessly occurs.

— Jacob Wurth, Controller

Jessica has been integral in navigating change as we integrate our accounting systems with CNH Industrial's, and she's worked hard to maintain an environment of consistency within the department. Because these transitions are happening so smoothly under her leadership, team members are unaware of the amount of work going on behind the scenes.

This is a vital skill for a manager to have, Jacob said. The ability to solve challenges quickly and without disrupting other processes allows everyone to work together and feel comfortable during change.

Our accounting function has evolved in the last year, and Jessica's role as a manager is to build the next accounting team. This involves interviewing potential team members, finding the Raven values within those interviewees, and training the new hires while continuing to oversee the current team.

Jacob said that Jessica has been an asset to the team in this process as she's met with candidates and found team members who embody the Raven values.

Jessica is helping build the foundation of the accounting department in the change that we're experiencing.

— Jacob Wurth, Controller

For Jessica, it's been exciting and interesting to be involved in this change and the future of Raven. She said that working alongside other departments and being in a role that reaches beyond finance means that every day is different and always exciting, even when the changes present challenges.

Thank you, Jessica, for your commitment to solving challenges quickly and efficiently!