Inside Raven

Team Member Spotlight: December 2022

Beta Program Manager Jessica Flemming strives to help Raven Be the Best by streamlining processes and test initiatives.

Congratulations to Jessica Flemming, Beta Program Manager, the December Team Member Spotlight winner! Jessica was nominated for her thoughtful and careful leadership while managing critical beta activities in support of new product development.

As a Beta Program Manager, Jessica provides direction for all pre-commercial testing initiatives with the goal of moving pre-commercial products to market. She is new in the role and has worked hard to ensure that the beta process is a success.

Business Owner Matt Horne said that Jessica's work is key to making sure the team executes on deliverables in the beta stage. She works with team members and customers, gathering and facilitating information from both parties so she can develop clear guidance on the next steps.

Jessica collaborates across and beyond the organization to achieve key results so that she can make informed recommendations about our products that deliver the most value to customers. She works closely with customers without disrupting their work schedules or lives while simultaneously bringing back key information that our team members need to develop products to Be the Best.

Jessica consistently over-delivers as she leads the different beta activities and is committed to a customer-focused, One Team approach. This approach will help drive quality and performance into our products and customer experiences.

— Matt Horne, Business Owner

Matt said that Jessica has done a great job emphasizing a One Team approach, both within the organization and with customers. He said that the success Jessica has led in the beta process can be used to continuously improve both the alpha and beta processes in the future.

Jessica's insights allow team members to be more objective about the decisions they are making for products, including areas for improvement and next steps. She pays close attention to detail, ensuring that customers' feedback is making it into the project.

Jessica's overarching attention to detail and consistent over-delivery based on facts is exemplary. It's something that's very hard to do.

— Matt Horne, Business Owner

For Jessica, this nomination is a reflection of the team's work. She said that each team member involved has played a key role in developing the beta process, and she's grateful to work alongside this team.

Thank you, Jessica, for finding ways to drive Raven to Be the Best!