Team Member Spotlight: July 2022

Congratulations to Josh Crimmins, Sales Engineer, this month's Team Member Spotlight winner! Josh was nominated by senior leadership for his commitment to driving innovative ideas forward and his dedication to improving our customers' lives.

Josh has been in a sales role with Raven since April 2017. He currently works with dealers across the western corn belt. As a Sales Engineer, Josh spends much of his time traveling. He visits dealerships, works alongside customers to see how products work for them, and goes out into the field to see our products in action.

Sales Manager Travis Bunde said that Josh is instrumental in driving our technology forward and helping customers see how Raven's products benefit their lives. He said that Josh's unique understanding of Raven's products and agriculture make him someone that our customers know they can trust.

Josh excels in his role by leveraging his strong technical skills and thorough understanding of the ag market, dealer strategies, retailer needs, and broad capabilities of Raven technology to recognize unique sales opportunities and drive customer excitement and adoption.

— Travis Bunde, Sales Manager

When Josh is out in the field, he gathers footage of our technology in action that the marketing team is able to share externally with our customers and social media followers. These behind-the-scenes shots are popular, and Josh has built a following for his creative footage.

Josh said it's awesome to be out in the field to gather this footage, and he enjoys connecting with our customers firsthand in the field, too. He said that every day at Raven, he gets to work alongside our customers and change their lives.

For Josh, the customer's experience is the most important thing, and he looks for ways to make their lives easier.

"The products we have are user-friendly, but they have some complexities involved, and sometimes it’s difficult to understand the application," Travis said. "Josh brings in technical expertise, along with the awareness of the market and agriculture and how to utilize it, and he brings it together for the customer."

Josh goes above and beyond a sales role and helps both training and marketing. He captures testimonials and videos of our products. His passion for our technology is unmatched, and he makes sure our customers realize the full value of Raven’s tech portfolio.

— Ryan Molitor, Director of Precision Technology

Travis said in addition to understanding customers, Josh has been instrumental in finding ways to better customers' lives by actively seeking innovative solutions to challenges our customers face. He said that Josh is the first, and only, person to drive VSN® on tractors, including Case IH tractors.

Josh said that this idea was important to him because he knows how stressful a farmer's day is, and he wanted to find a way to help ease some of that strain.

"This shows Josh’s vision and engagement with the customer," Travis said. "Josh is ahead of the game in a lot of these things."

Thank you, Josh, for your dedication to creating a successful customer experience and your drive to innovate each day!