Inside Raven

Team Member Spotlight: October 2022

Sales Manager Tia Muller works hard to maintain relationships with her team members and OEMs. In all of her interactions, she upholds the Raven values.

Congratulations to Tia Muller, Sales Manager, this month's Team Member Spotlight winner! Tia was nominated by leadership for upholding the Raven values each day and for striving to grow.

As a Sales Manager, Tia maintains relationships between Raven and OEMs and does order tracking and project management. Tia has been with Raven for two years and recently transitioned into her role as Sales Manager.

Director of Sales Ben Voss said that Tia's rapid growth in Raven is a testament to her drive to continuously improve and her courage to speak up for her team members and our customers. He said that Tia's position as a leader became apparent when she managed a major meeting between Raven and AGCO executives. Team members looked to Tia for guidance and as a role model for the event.

The team really looks up to Tia. She has created relationships with other team members so they know how to manage customers' privacy and still find ways to create mutual wins. Tia has a strong background in the industry, is a good communicator, and manages relationships well — it's a unique combination of skills.

— Ben Voss, Director of Sales

For Tia, her nomination for the Team Member Spotlight is a result of her team's excellent work and their commitment to working together to improve as one team. Tia said she's grateful to her team for always answering her questions, helping each other learn, and coming together to solve challenges.

Director of Sales Ben Voss said that this humility is another example of why Tia is an asset to the Raven team. Tia encourages her team to work together to continuously improve, and she gives the credit for these wins back to the entire team.

Tia has high integrity and good natural instincts when working with customers. She demonstrates all of the Raven values very strongly.

— Ben Voss, Director of Sales

As we continue to grow and develop our tech to help farmers serve the world, Tia works hard to maintain relationships with all brands and dealers so that we can continue to meet all customers' needs. Director of Sales Ben Voss said that Tia is a strong advocate for her team members and customers, and she embodies our value of service in the way she interacts with both groups. Her commitment to building relationships and seeking ways to grow have allowed her to progress within the organization.

Thank you, Tia, for embodying the Raven values and seeking ways to help serve your team members and customers.