Unlock Your Full Precision

Viper® 4+ And RTK: The Keys to Unlocking a 30% Increase in Efficiency

Unlock Your Full Precision

Unlocking capabilities on the Raven Viper 4+ gives you access to outstanding features that reduce crop damage and optimize your up-time. However, if you’re okay with getting by with “good enough” GPS signal, you’re missing out on more consistency, control, and connectivity. Unleash your equipment’s FULL potential by also upgrading to Raven’s centimeter-level accuracy GPS — RTK or Satellite GS Pro. These combined upgrades provide a premium repeatable maneuver for your machinery and prepare you to implement autonomous technology. This repeatable signal makes your operation easier throughout the entire season by unlocking these capabilities:



Multi-Line enables you to repeat previous, imported master guidance lines — precisely setting your machine’s path for the whole season.

Prevent crop damage on every pass by driving your Multi-Line guides early in the season, then repeating them with RTK sub-inch precision all the way through harvest.

Auto Turn


Auto Turn automatically executes clean and consistent headland turns to stay on your mission path. By automating your steering with GPS, you can run with the assurance that your booms don’t damage crops by avoiding the edge of each row. Maintain precise field edges and headlands by unlocking this feature with RTK.

Auto Application*


Auto Application Zone allows you to utilize a previous application map to prevent misapplication. These application zones ensure efficient and effective product application. This feature can save 30% of your drive time — eliminating the need to outline each obstacle on every drive.

Did you know....Viper® 4+ has the capability to use pre-defined boundaries from a pre-populated job or third party solution.

How to Create an Auto Boundary

Auto Boundary creation is available now. You can create a boundary from old jobs/previous coverage or after you have finished your headland pass.

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How to Create an Auto-Application Zone

With Viper 4+ you can create a No-Spray zone map from a previous job's coverage. Watch these short videos to create your no-spray zone today.

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Unlock Your Future

Simply put, to run equipment autonomously or with automated features, you need a GPS signal with accuracy down to the centimeter. Guess what? With your Viper 4+, you already have the keys to unlock advanced features and advance on the Path to Autonomy. Adding RTK does more than unlock features — it prepares you for the future of agriculture, unlocking more functionality within the full Raven suite of precision ag and autonomous products. Make the investment in your future by unlocking the next level of RTK on your Viper 4 today.

Unleash Your Equipment's Full Potential

As you progress on Raven’s Path to Autonomy, make sure you’re utilizing your precision technology’s full capabilities with a simple upgrade. Contact your Raven Representative or Raven Dealer to unlock the next level of precision today.

Path to Autonomy

At Raven, we are committed to helping our customers, dealers, and ag retailers move forward on all steps of the Path to Autonomy. Once you’ve identified where you are in the autonomous journey, you can determine where Raven Autonomy™ and its technology for ag operations can take you on to the next level of autonomous ag solutions.

Path to Autonomy

*Auto Application Zone requires an additional individual nozzle control unlock to ensure your field gets consistent application. Viper 4 also has the capability to use pre-defined boundaries from a pre-populated job or third party solution.